Melissa Williams, LPC

Melissa M. Williams LPC

Melissa is one of the owners of Counseling Associates LLC. Melissa is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a wealth of experience working with children through college age and well into adulthood. Melissa has worked as an individual and family therapist with Counseling Associates since 2012.

Melissa began working for the State of Missouri as a Regional Family Specialist for the Division of Youth Services. Melissa worked with youth that committed crimes and were working to be rehabilitated into the community. 

Melissa went on to begin private practice with Counseling Associates in 2012 where she continued to provide individual, family, marital, and group therapy. Melissa primarily works with families, young adults, and couples. Melissa uses several models of therapies to include Multisystemic Family Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for issues such as depression, anxiety, survivors of childhood abuse/sexual abuse, grief/loss, family of origin issues, divorce, parenting, relationship issues, and spiritual issues.

Melissa also provides group therapy for children with sexually acting out behaviors as well as Divorce - Mediation. Melissa works with clients of all ages.

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